Filter cartridges

Used for dust retention in dry industrial mediums.

We produce and deliver filter cartridges for client partners made from the following materials and their corresponding applications:

  1. Cellulose and polyester, multi-layered, for industrial equipment destined for electrostatic painting, surface sandblasting, the food industry or the chemical industry

  2. Cellulose and polyester, multi-layered, fireproof, for industrial equipment destined for cutting with plasma, laser and oxyacetylene or metal welding

  3. Spunbond polyester fibres, for industrial equipment destined for dust retention with abrasive characteristics, such as in the food industry, building materials industry and the pigment and painting industry

  4. Aluminium coated spunbond polyester fibres, destined for environments with a relatively high risk of explosions. The aluminium foil facilitates the discharge of electrostatic charges from the dust

  5. Spunbond polyester fibres with olio treatment, hydrophobic, for environments with high humidity and/or containing oily particles

  6. Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), used for eliminating odours from industrial processes