Towline Chain Conveyors (Carousel Type)

Carousel-type towline conveyor units have large applications in various industries, as they streamline and ease factory procedures and reduce production costs. They can be used as assembly, distribution or finishing lines, as the form of this equipment can be slightly altered upon request in order to fit your particular needs. The Carouse-type conveyor replaces transport and lifting equipment such as forklifts or pallet trucks, thus lowering maintenance and acquisition costs, while at the same time reducing the number of employees and improving the overall flow of goods in your factory.

This conveyor usually contains a gear motor, a conveyor belt with chains and transport trolleys.

The gear motor has a very high efficiency coupled with reduced energy consumption and the option to change the rotation speed, which translates into various available speeds for the movement of the chain of the conveyor belt, depending on your own needs.

The rolling mechanism can be placed either under the floor or fixed to it. Irrespective of the chosen type, the route can be simple or complex, with multiple turns or multiple paths whose direction can be reversed in order to better guide the trolleys towards different parts of the workspace. Moreover, devices for automatic rotation of the trolleys can also be added.

The trolleys are usually built out of different materials depending on the application and they can be fitted with a coupling/decoupling, lifting or rotation systems.

Some advantages of this type of conveyor are:

– Easy installation and operation;

– Low energy consumption;

– Very high transporting capacity on the same conveyor (t);

– Easy transportation (without shocks) for very heavy objects;

– Continuous operation 24/7;

– Easy maintenance and upkeep;

– Suitable for all industries;

– Ideal choice for facilitating and improving the technological flow.

This equipment is personalised for every situation and use the customer requires. As it is not a standardised product, we suggest contacting an ALWO consultant in order to find the best solution for your needs.

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