Air Handling Units

The ALWO CTA Model air handling unit (AHU) is a device used for regulating hot air with the help of water as a thermal agent. These units are used for the direct heating of rooms, thus being useful for a wide range of sectors.

Thanks to the possiblity of connecting the AHU unit to air ducts, they can be fully integrated in other heating systems (such as centralized or autonomous systems), or they can also be individually used for introducing hot air in an environment by connecting it to an air distribution plenum.

The operating principle is fairly simple, as the air taken from the atmosphere is assisted by one or two double-suction fans to pass through a G4 filter bank, so that the roughly filtered air then passes through a heating battery with a temperature increase of 30°C or 40°C.

These devices are modular, manufactured out of embossed galvanized steel. Upon request, they can be fitted with panels which are thermally insulated or with cooling or heating batteries.

When the equipment is installed to compensate for air exhausted from a room, as in the case of a pressurized enclosure for paint application, the AHU unit can be fitted with a heat exchanger for higher efficiency and reduced energy consumption required for the heating of the thermal agent.

The ALWO model CTA air handling units are devices that can transport treated air with flows between 4.000 to 50.000 cubic meters/hour.

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