About Us

ALWO THERM is one of the major manufacturers of professional equipment and technologies for air pollution control in the industrial environment in Romania. We provide equipment and installations for surface finishing, pneumatic and mechanical transport solutions, as well as ventilation and climate control systems for industrial settings.

For over 20 years, ALWO’s team of engineers and designers has been offering consultancy, design, installation and training services, implementing optimal and efficient solutions, both in terms of technology and ease of operation.

The professionalism of ALWO’s engineers has led the entire company towards the development of a green equipment division that focuses on the concept of People and Nature.

ALWO’s exhaust solutions are comprehensive and can be designed and installed in companies operating in various industries, including automotive, woodworking, metallurgy, food processing, pharmaceuticals and many others.

Our primary mission is for ALWO’s equipment to protect people and the environment from pollutants resulting from industrial production activities, with significant benefits in streamlining processes within the factories where they are installed.