Tower Filters

The compact Tower model filters represent an efficient and cost-effective solution for capturing and retaining fine particles suspended in indoor spaces.

This type of filter is compact, incorporating both the filter battery with its regeneration system and the fan and electrical panel.

It boasts very high efficiency and is highly appreciated for its results in air exchange in enclosed spaces that require ventilation. The aspiration and retention capacity of suspended dust/smoke is very high, filter regeneration is automatically done during operation using the Pulse Jet system and dust collection takes place at the bottom of the filter in a metal container that allows for easy disposal of residues once it is filled.

The connection of perforated ducts to this type of filter, which are responsible for capturing dust/smoke, makes this model highly appreciated in areas where capturing this polluted air directly at the source – the machinery or equipment generating the pollutant – is not possible.

These pieces of equipment are sized considering the characteristics of the dust as well as the airflow rates, covering a range from 5000 m³/h to 50,000 m³/h. We recommend getting in touch with an ALWO consultant who will help you obtain the necessary equipment, tailored to the needs and requirements of your application